Day Off, Easy Ride and Good Food

What a day, I woke up at 9’ish, ate some breakfast and worked on some homework.

After that I watched some videos and enjoyed my day off school.Next Door Pizza

Around two in the afternoon I took off for my two hour easy ride. Today I was really trying to work on just spinning like crazy instead of keeping it in the big boy.

I like doing both, but the high cadence really helps with cardio and puts less strain on your muscles, so its a good thing to do for recover rides.

Once I finished up and got cleaned up I headed out to Next Door Pizza with my parents to meet up with our friends Kent and Kelly.

I had a great meal and I always enjoy hanging out with them and my parents.

As for the rest of the day and tonight, I am probably going to go and watch a movie, the night is still pretty young.


Connor Brown

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