Did A Little “Garbage Ball” Training Today During My Ride

So I woke up a bit early today, about 8’ish. I basically needed to get my ride in earlier due to the fact that I had some stuff I needed to get done this afternoon.

It was a bit chilly this morning, I started out with knee warmers, arm warmers and wind vest and by the end of my ride I had stripped down to my regular stuff.Connor Brown

Today, unlike yesterday, I took about twenty minutes of my ride to work on some skills. One of the drills I like doing is finding the smallest crab apple I can find and throwing it on the ground and trying to pick it up.

Its actually pretty fun and a good way to practice for garbage ball ( a game in which a tennis ball is thrown in the middle of a field, in that field is a trash can aka the goal, you have to pick the ball off the ground and you can only hold it for three seconds and you can either try to shoot or pass, if you fall off the bike or unclip you are out until the next point is scored or every one has fallen).

So now I am just chilling out with a bit of sunday night football. It won’t be long and I will be heading to bed soon though.

Connor Brown

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