What An Incredible Day To Ride A Bike

It was an absolutely beautiful day outside, I mean we are talking perfect riding weather.

I had a ninety minute ride with a 15 minute interval thrown in there. It was a very fast one, I think I am increasing my threshold for pain by a lot. I was able to push through the lactic legs and keep the pedals churning away, it was pretty darn satisfying.

Anyways, I saw today that Tony Martin won the Worlds time trial by 40 plus seconds on second place which was Wiggans and close behind for third was Cancellara. What a smack down, Tony has been World time trialing champ for three years now, thats pretty darn impressive.

Tony Martin

The thing that I thought was also impressive was American Taylor Phinney taking fifth place. Thats a phenomenal result by the young gun and he will definitely be a guy to watch in the years to come.

Now that the TT is taken care of, there is only one race left and thats the road race. I am so excited I can not wait to see what happens.

Connor Brown

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