Still Rollin This Late In The Season As I Get Ready For USA National Camp

So today was an easy relaxing two hour ride on the bike.

I took off right after I got home from school. While riding I noticed very quickly that today was very windy, luckily I was able to take a route that had me in the tailwind section for the most part.Connor Brown

I always love when I am doing twenty miles an hour and I am in my easiest gear just spinning. I felt like I was really flushing the legs out today, which felt nice and relaxing. Tomorrow on the other hand I have some zone five intervals that I will be doing and that will be hardcore.

I didn’t really have much else on the agenda due to my homework I had to get done but I saw that Bontrager will be under a new title sponsor, which is Bissell!

The reason for it is because the UCI has a strict rule were a title sponsor can only be the title sponsor of one team. So since Bontrager is owned by Trek and Trek will be the new Radioshack team, they had to change the sponsor. Otherwise they would be disqualified in every race they do thats UCI. They will still be on Treks but just have the name Bissell on the jersey.

The Bontrager program under Axel Merckx has just been an awesome program for youth cyclist to get launched into the UCI world tour pro peloton. They have put guys on Sky, Argos, Garmin, etc. So it will be a good thing to see this program still alive and kickin.

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