Just Chillin Today, That Is Until I Heard a Bunch of Crunching Going On Downstairs

Man its Monday, and that pretty much stinks from one perspective while at the same time I suppose my Mondays aren’t really that bad. That sounds kind of weird doesn’t it?

Other than having to get up and go to school I have a pretty magnificent lifestyle.Connor Brown

Today after I got home from school I hung out on the couch for an hour just surfing the web. After that I played a bit of FIFA, and at the same time I watched and studied some current events that are taking place.

Mondays are becoming a really nice relaxing way of being able to do some hobbies, like for example I due debate at my school and really enjoy all that it has to offer, so when I get home and surf the web I am thinking and searching for better arguments that I can use in a debate match.

Its really pretty nice having other hobbies such as debate that you can do on Mondays because it makes the time on the bike that more special. Its no longer, I have to ride a certain amount of miles in this amount of time, its boy I can’t wait to get on my bike and ride!

Anyways enough about hobbies, after I had my game of FIFA, I helped get the house in order because we were having guest tonight. Boy was I in for a treat we were having an Army Ranger and his family over for dinner and boy did I enjoy listening to him talk with his military mindset.

Its really cool to see someone who has honor in them like that and be as passionate as they are about it when they speak.

While I was listening to him I could hear a little crunching sound that sounded like something plastic getting chewed. It took me about two seconds to put two and two together and realized that my dog Boss was downstairs and the only thing thats plasticy rhymes with my Xbox.

Sure enough I head down and theres the rascal eating my FIFA game! I would have killed him and we’d have been cooking boss on the barby if I hadn’t of put the game in the Xbox console. So FIFA lives to fight another day.


FYI- A friend of mine Isaac Jonas a local KC racer just started his own blog today and he is a super talented cyclocross racer, so check it out at http://www.jonascyclocross.blogspot.com.

Connor Brown

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