Great Weather But The Bugs Are Terrible This Late In The Season

So after school I had to do a student council meeting which was so dang boring all we talked about was a stupid parade. Once I got out of that snooze show, I had to hit the road fast because I had a two hour ride.

When I finally got out there, I had arm warmers on and a jacket and had to immediately shed them because it was 83 degrees; what on earth was I thinking?

I guess it was good though I like having warm weather, its way better than cold. The only thing that sucked was that I was pelted the whole ride by bugs.

If you have never been hit by bugs on a bike it hurts!bug splat

I think the worst ones are when they fly into your helmet and then you’re shaking your head like mad trying to get the bug out, meanwhile everyone behind you in their car is like “look at that stupid queer on a bike, I told you cyclist are weird.”

Then I start waving my arms around trying to stop the bugs from hitting me in the face and every one is probably thinking that I am just a spaz. Its not my fault theres just a certain point a human being can take getting whacked in the face before they break down.

Connor Brown

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