Great Day Of Intervals and A Little Scare Just To Keep The Blood Pumping

So today marked day two of interval madness and like usual on interval days the wind was kicking pretty good. Its a bit annoying but it serves as a good training tool to become stronger so I am definitely not complaining.

I more often than not will purposely try and do my intervals into the wind and crosswind sections to maximise my training.Connor Brown

Todays ride had only three, three minute, zone five intervals. I really enjoy the all out efforts because they are a great measuring tool to tell how you are doing in the sport of cycling when it comes to being physically fit.

Anyways, the first interval I did into the headwind was a long and exposed climb. I really thought I did an awesome job because I averaged about 23 mph up the climb with the head wind.

The thing I found most rewarding to me was the fact that I was able to stay out of the saddle almost the entire time. I typically get tired and sit down around the 80% mark of the hill but this time I didn’t.

The second one I did into the cross wind with rolling hills and the third I wanted to see how fast I could go so I did it with the tail wind.

I was pretty pleased with the speed I had in the tail wind I was just flying across Raytown Road. Who doesn’t love the feeling of cooking it at thirty five plus miles an hour? You probably couldn’t call yourself a true cyclist if you didn’t enjoy going fast. Just a thought.

As I was finishing up my ride I got barked at by a couple of dogs behind a fence, but based on my immediate reaction to that noise you would have thought they were about to attack since it made me jump out of the saddle and turn around to see if they were coming at me.

dog barking

I kinda laughed at myself after this because its like second nature for a cyclist to panic whenever you hear barking.

Anyway, it was a great ride and I felt really good.

I guess we will have to see if the storms are going to move through tonight and allow me to get a 4 hour ride in tomorrow outside or if it will be a grueling day of rollers and movies?

Connor Brown

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