My Typical Post-Ride Meal After A Long Training Session

So I got my ride in bright in early today and the sun was out with a slight bit of overcast, which made it a chilly 45 degrees out. That meant for me I was putting on the under armour and knee warmers, etc.Connor Brown

It was just a really cold ride, I felt really strong though and I have to admit I kinda like my fallish garb that I wear, kinda cool looking.

While I was riding I met up with Rick and Shari and road with them for about an hour. It was starting to warm up too due to the fact that the overcast had disappeared.

At the end of my ride I took five minutes to just practice my handling, so that I am all good to go for skills at camp.

When I got home the cook (my dad and he’ll be thrilled to see that) had my lunch all prepared for me and I have to say that it was awesome.

Saturday RideA friend of mine asked me not to long ago about my diet and nutritional needs, so this will probably be a good example of how I eat after a long ride on the weekend. I will tell you I eat a tad differently when it is a weekend race event, but none-the-less, I am very careful about what I eat.

It also helps when the whole family is all about helping you be the best you can be and its a pretty frequent thing for my dad to cook separate meals just to make sure I get the best fuel I can get.

So for lunch after my ride my dad made:

  • A meaty lasagna, which supplied my carbs and protein.
  • I had a fruit smoothie, to get my fruit intake in for natural sugars.
  • Freshly juiced beets, celery, and carrot juice, to help buffer lactic acid and jump my veggie intake.
  • Then I had some fresh cantaloupe
  • And a piece of coffee cake for dessert for a little more sugar intake.

Post Ride Meal

All in all a good lunch, and good ride for me!

Tomorrow I’ll be back at it for another 3 ½ to 4 hours.

Connor Brown

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