Man It Was A Cold Ride Today!

Well today is usually a sad day because I don’t want to go back to boring old school, but I am actually looking forward to it tomorrow for two main reasons.Connor Brown

First being that I will only be two days away from San Diego, the second I get to debate tomorrow and I am very prepared for it.

I actually really enjoy debating because I think its one of the best ways that you can learn something and I enjoy boxing with my words, its quite fun when you have a grasp on it. Thats probably why I want to be a lawyer.

Anyways, today’s ride was unbearably cold!

I absolutely hate being cold. I personally would much rather be hot. It doesnt help when you are freezing your arse off and the icy midwest wind is shredding you to pieces as well.

snow flakeTypically when its that cold out I get a runny nose and because any time I allow myself to not blow the gunk out of my nose, it starts draining into my throat, which makes me feel like I am drowning myself so I end up trying to cough it up, which makes my throat sore and then makes me tired stressed and sick.

So in order to avoid that the entire ride I have to spit and blast my nose clear of any gunk. So I am probably not the most pleasant person to ride with in the winter, Ill admit.

Its all good though when you get home and take a nice warm shower and eat a hot meal.

On another note, I learned today that when I get to the San Diego airport they are going to have big white vans with the olympic rings on them pick us up. I thought that was a pretty cool way of leaving the airport in style.

First off everyone at the airport is like, why does he have that big plastic box what an idiot. Then they see me get into a van with the olympic rings on it and there just like oh. Hahah, I can’t wait this is just going to be so awesome.

Connor Brown

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