Finally Arrived in San Diego For The First Day of U.S National Camp

Just a quick note with some pics from today.

I basically flew out super early and got into San Diego just before noon. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit wet, but the experience was awesome.Connor Brown

I have to say it has been very cool from the very beginning. I was basically met and driven to the Olympic Center in their van, which had all the Olympic garb on it.

20131009_141904My room is rockin with my own bathroom and the size of a large hotel suite.

When you arrive there are pictures of all the athletes everywhere that trained at the center and won a medal along with clocks placed all over the facility that are ticking down to the next Olympic games.

After arriving, I spent about 30 minutes reassembling my bike and getting ready for the afternoon ride.

20131009_141915There are something like 28 riders in all which made for an interesting ride in the rain. Its seemed a little sketchy with a bunch of riders feeling a little twitchy as we get our legs ready for the next few days of fireworks.

I almost forgot, my room is near the BMX track, which is pretty cool. Made me want to get on my bike and give it a go.

Olympic BMX Course

Connor Brown

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