Day 3 Update at U.S National Camp

It was race day at camp today and I was pretty amped up about it, no doubt.

We basically started the day with a Time Trial test in the morning and then after lunch and a little down time [except for me; since I had homework to work on. FYI- Thanks Dr. Pucket! 🙂 ] we got rolling down to the crit course for the afternoon race.Connor Brown

I’m telling you, the course is awesome! I think I will have a little time to try and video it tomorrow and then upload it after I get back home, its a must see!

We were broke into our teams and all set with a solid game plan to really lay it on thick with a really aggressive strategy and it played out to perfection.

Without going into all the details, we hit the gas after a couple of good attacks and 7 of us broke away. The best part was it was me and two of my other teammates so we had the numbers for sure. The course itself is really a sprinters course so the plan was to try and stick a break or take over with a lap to go and lead out our sprinter.

The cool part was my sprinter was in the break with me so it opened up the race for me to lay down some solid attacks, which I did.

At one point I had a solo break on the other 6 for 3 or 4 laps and as soon as they brought that back I rested for about a half lap and hit the gas again, this time with one of my teammates.

The group of us ended up lapping the field and with one to go they finally reeled us back in. However, I still had a little juice left in the tank so I hit it once more and my other teammate jumped on my wheel and drilled it to give him a solid lead out, which blew the rest of the break away giving us an easy win. Even better was my other teammate jumped solidly and ended up 3rd while my job was done finishing 6th.

The only way that got any better would have been to go 1,2,3. I guess tomorrow we will have something to shoot for since we will be racing the same course in the morning. Cant wait!

During the afternoon I was able to get some pics for my parents, one in particular that they requested was me standing next to the sign, so here it is.

Connor Brown

Oh, I was asked if we were getting some decent food, well the answer is absolutely! The food is great and on a scale of 1-10 with Flagstaff being a 2, this is about a 8 or 9. So no complaints from me.

olympic lunch

Tonight I’m off to more meetings. Last night it was all about the effects of using performance enhancements and what to look for and obviously stay away from. Its very interesting stuff in my world.

Connor Brown

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