Last Day at U.S National Camp

Just a quick note today since I’m traveling.

We wrapped everything up this morning with “exit interviews” and I’m currently sitting at the airport waiting for my flight back to KC. My flight has me getting back to KC around midnight, so I’ll be sucking wind tomorrow morning for sure.Connor Brown

With the camp ending, I am actually going to get a couple of weeks off my bike before getting back in the swing of things, so I am looking forward to a little recovery time after a heavy racing season.

So with that said, I had a great camp and look forward to updating everyone on all the details when I return; so hang in there the stories will be worth  a read.

What I will tell you is I am officially set for next years National Team and will race more than one major race on the calendar for the United States, it will just come down to my health and fitness as we get closer to the Spring, which will determine the races I will get to do.

So its all good news and an awesome experience where I got to race and hang out with some incredible athletes. So there you go, I’m off to Denver then from there back to KC.

Connor Brown

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