The Rec Room At The Olympic Training Center Was Pretty Cool

So I have had a good 20 hours of being home now and by this time I have been able to relax a little bit from the stresses of traveling. By the way that absolutely sucked. I had a two hour layover in Denver and that place was packed to the walls. If you could even find a chair it was like four gates down, but you needed to take it because that was a gift from God.Connor Brown

Then I get on the plane and no offense to Frontier Airline Company because they gave me an awesome rate for my bike box, but they nail you on everything else but the flight attendant comes by and asks me if I would like some orange juice, so I say sure. She hands me one of those dinky little medicine kinda cups and its half full and before I drink it she looks at me and says that will be $2.99 cash or credit? I looked right at her and handed it back, and said no thanks.

All in all, the Olympic Training Center was awesome, the place was beautiful and every now and again I would just half to stop and take in the fact that I was there and kind of absorb the whole thing, it was just incredible.

As I mentioned previously, the meals were superb, personal chefs were serving awesome meals every day. They had the coolest rec center on the planet too, which had tennis, volleyball, and Basketball courts, along with a weight room, and an awesome hangout center with pool tables and flat screens everything.

20131013_102311Olympic Center Rec

I would like to make this longer but I am just bushed, my plane got in after eleven which put me in bed around twelve thirty-ish and I had to get up early for school so I’m done tonight.

As promised I got the video of the course its in two parts but I think its alright. Ill have it up tomorrow for sure.

Connor Brown

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