Enjoying My Week Off My Bike, But Definitely Missing It

So today was what is called “super test” day at school and boy was that fun, the only cool thing was that we had a half day so that was pretty nice.

When I came home I got caught up on my latest book I’m reading which is called The Alchemist and boy is it a pretty good book. I really like the plot and its just well written, it’s also gots some very good messages from it.Connor Brown

So once I got done reading for a bit, I called my coach and had a conference call with him and my Dad. We got a lot accomplished in that hour and were going to have a great 2014 season next year.

This was my first week off the bike, its almost over but I have two more to go. Its kinda nice to be so freed up in the afternoon, but boy do I miss my bike. It just makes riding that much more desirable to me.

To keep my mind off of it I decided to play FIFA, only this time whenever I conceded a goal I had to do fifty sit ups, to help work on my core.

That was a bad idea, I somehow forgot how to play defence and were as I won all the games, they were all high scoring games, like seven to four. So I think I did over five hundred situps.

Its a very effective workout because I am either going to learn how to become a boss on defense or I will have the most shredded abs known to man, hahaha.

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