Already Counting Down The Days Until I Ride Again

So this off season I am really going to make a point of working hard on my core.Connor Brown

My goal is to get back on the bike with my core being super strong. Plus I really enjoy having my abs fairly ripped. Its just a good feeling you get.

My strategy on tackling this is to play FIFA with some added consequences. It sounds crazy but what I am doing is every time I concede a goal I have to do 50 incline sit-ups and I think that so far in these past two days I am getting close to a thousand.

Connor Brown

Right now my core is hating me, I can barely move without pain, but its that good kinda pain; the one where its your muscles aching because of the work out, so it makes it ok.

My New Idea: I think that I am going to buy one of the count down clocks that they had at the olympic training center and set it for the exact time I have left before I get on the bike. Just so I know that I am making progress.

On a side note, I think tomorrow I will go into some of the stuff I was taught at camp on the side effects of doping. So stay tuned for that because I think you will find this very interesting stuff, especially when I tell you about one specific drug that will blow your mind that it even exists. I’m talking Bourne Identity stuff.

Connor Brown

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