I Just Chilled Today

Well today was kind of relaxing. It was the first time that I have gotten to sleep in for a while and I kind of liked it.Connor Brown

After I took my time getting out of bed, I helped my Dad make chorizo and eggs for breakfast. I love chorizo I don’t typically eat it because its not the healthiest thing but its a nice treat. I used to eat it all the time as a toddler and still have a love for the taste.


Once I had my breakfast I worked out my abs for a bit and then I got my homework and some chores done.

Once those were done I laid down to read “The Alchemist”; I read for a while and relaxed and it was actually quite pleasant. I have to admit, I could get used to this.

Once I decided I should stop to go eat lunch I came upstairs to see a huge pile of receipts on the table. I had a hunch something was up, but I was hoping I would slide under the radar.

So I ate lunch and as I was enjoying a video when Em came to me and said that it would be really nice of I sorted the checks and receipts for her.

I kinda thought to myself what the heck lets do it. Two hours later I finished the job. Yeah it took a while and it was boring, but hey now they can’t say I don’t do anything around the house, right?

After that I ate an awesome pasta with homemade sauce my dad made that had no fat, no artificial ingredients, and no sugar and guess what? it was also very delicious.

Anyway, thats about it for me today. I am watching the movie “Gravity” tonight with me parents and that should about do it for me.

Connor Brown

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