A Couple of My Winter and Spring Goals

So because I didn’t get to do much today, due to the amount of homework distributed, I thought I could share some of my goals for this next season.

Some of these goals are things I am contemplating on a specific deadline for completion, so keep that in mind.Connor Brown

After talking to my coach, one of the main things for this winter that I am going to work on is to continue to build my body for GC racing. I want to perfect my time trialing form and power, so that I can compete with the best around the world. I also want to perfect my climbing because a GC contender has to be able to climb and time trial. To be the best GC rider you have to be the best climber and time trial combo.

In order to achieve this goal I really need to watch my eating especially since I am off the bike now and not burning as many calories, because power to weight ratio is everything in contending in major stage races. I am also putting a big emphasis on my core because the stronger my core is the better positions I can maintain on the bike. Its also the one muscle that you don’t really work on the bike.

I know that if I can really dial those two down I will become an awesome GC racer.

For spring time, this really depends on how fast I want to Cat up but, as of now I am looking to Cat up pretty fast. So by the end of spring I want to be a Cat one;. like I said this isn’t really set in stone right now but it is definitely on my mind.

For the summer time, I know that I will be at Junior Nationals and want to place in the top ten in both
the road race and the time trial. Not sure if I am going to do the crit yet, so we will see when we get a little closer.

So these were just a few of the goals that I am setting.


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