Around My House We Bleed Cardinal Red

So I can’t deny that I am super pumped to see the Cardinals play for and possibly win another World Series.

Around my family we bleed Cardinal red and there’s nothing better than seeing the Birds play in the Series. I remember watching them in 2011 and in 2006 it was awesome.

I expect another great set of games!

Other than that I saw that the 2014 Tour De France route has been selected and the interesting thing is that they will start in England and then they will even have a stage on the cobbles in Belgium.

They also eliminated a lot of time trialing from the race, they have only one long one scheduled.tour de france preview

Its also going to have six mountain top finishes and boy are those the best stages to watch!

I have to wonder what they were thinking? It looks like another Froome win and they haven’t even started. Froome and the Sky train along with the time trials, which Froome dominated in, and through in a couple more climbs and its all over.

It will be interesting to watch especially since there is some young bloods, which would be Quintana and Costa and maybe just maybe we will have some fireworks to watch.



Connor Brown

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