Spent The Weekend At A Debate Tournament

Man so this weekend has been crazy for me. I had debate almost all day Friday and on Saturday I was there from six in the morning to eleven at night. It was long and hard but the good news is my partner and I did really well.Connor Brown

For starters we were the only ones who “broke” (made it to the next round) to Supersession in Congress from our school and we were so close to being ranked top six; those were the only ones that get awards. I got ranked fourth and Ahmad got ranked twelfth, not bad for our first Varsity tournament of the year.

Debate TrophyThen in Policy debate we went four wins and no losses in prelims and that sent us as the number one seed into quarter finals. We then won that round and presented to semifinals. We ended up winning that round and were headed to finals.

Once in the finals we were selected to be “negative” and the team we went up against had a case that we only had “four cards” (arguments) on so we were screwed evidence wise, so that was our worst debate and we lost.

We came out of the tournament in second place for policy though, which is just an absolutely huge honor and I have to say that this season of debate is going to be really good.

Connor Brown

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