More Core Work While I Count Down The Days

So today totally sucked. I had to go to the dentist after school and its not that I don’t like my dentist its that its just so darn boring.

I mean seriously, they have one tiny little TV and what are they playing on it? This scrapped together kids show from the 1970’s on tooth decay that looked like one of those shows they played to kindergarteners to convince them to brush their teeth.Core Work

I don’t like to complain but it would be nice if they made an effort to not bore the day lights out of you. Luckily I wasn’t in there too long.

So now I am watching the Cardinals and working on my core strength. I am a week away from being back on the bike and I am locked and loaded for the official start of my new season.

Luckily I have a debate tournament this weekend to take my mind off of it, unfortunately my partner couldn’t come due to a schedule conflict, which means I am left to do Congress.

Connor Brown

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