Is There Anyone Who Came Up in The Late 90’s That Didn’t Use PEDS?

Wow!, if you haven’t heard, Hesjedal admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. Crazy, apparently Rasmussen taught him how to use EPO in 2003. The question now is, was anyone clean from that era?ryder h

People like, I hate to say it, Fabien Cancellara for example. He has been around for a long time and in that era, so is he clean? Hard to tell, he was certainly able to compete with those guys and one things for sure he has been very dominant.

One things for sure more and more riders are coming out and confessing that they did it. Just a matter of time until everyone is found out, regretfully yet at the same time hopefully.

Anyways, I am trying to watch the Cardinals but its getting increasingly hard to watch. Who knows maybe the greatest comeback ever or a really ugly blow out who knows.

On Friday I go back to arguing with everyone, unfortunately my partner that I took second place with couldn’t come, but luckily I found a good back up who was floating around in the Lincoln Douglas category. So you could say I have a super sub on my team now. Its definitely going to be interesting to see if we can do well again.

Connor Brown

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