Watched the Movie “Bad Grandpa” Today

So debate went alright today; I broke even with a 2 and 2 record. Not terrible with the substitute, but definitely not what I was looking for. You can’t win them all but you should certainly try too.badgrandpa

The nice thing was that I was able to get home at around two this afternoon and actually got to enjoy my Saturday. So with the rest of my day I watched “Bad Grandpa” and was that hilarious.

I was either cracking up or smiling the entire time I watched it.

The story isn’t the best scrapped together, but in all honesty, they had about four real actors and the rest were regular people who didn’t know they were being filmed. It was awesome with what they had to deal with because they couldn’t exactly get the cinematic angles, that way they didn’t distract from the funny reactions from people who have no idea whats going on.

Once that finished up I headed out to get some Mexican with my Family. My meal was awesome, I had a veggie burrito with avocado and rice beautifully prepared.

While I was there I couldn’t help but notice that MIzzou was beating up on Tennessee. They have improved so much after joining the SEC, they look like a real football team now.

Connor Brown

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