My Recovery Time Off The Bike Is Finally Up

Man…today was a much needed rest day for me.

I have been running and gunning for the past week especially with all of the debating I have been doing, so I really enjoyed not having to use my head that much today.Connor Brown

Next week I do not have to debate at a tournament but I have to help run my schools tournament. That should be fun, hahaha.

I utilized the time though and worked on my essay that’s due this week for a good majority of the day today. Plus a was listening to music all day, so it was just a good chill day.

I am super stoked because I get to swing the leg over the top tube this week after an over three week break; its going to be awesome and I am definitely tired and done with recovery and want to start my season now!

Bad news though is that it doesn’t look like I can ride more than two hours total this week, which is really nothing.

Connor Brown

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