AHHH, My First Day Back On My Bike

The day has finally arrived, I am back on the bike and I could not have asked for a better day to ride. It rained all day long but I got out when the rain stopped for about four hours and made it in just before the rain came.Connor Brown

It felt so good to be back on the bike, I felt ridiculously strong, it was hard not to go crazy. Although the wind kept me in check because it was blowing hard out of the south, but like I said I felt really good to be back on my bike.

After my ride I came home and got ready to go out to eat. It was Mexican night and we were going to meet up with our good friend Jonathan.

I had a great time hanging out and eating some good food. There was some pretty funny conversations, but one of my favorite parts is the fact that I typically get a couple of magazines from Jonathan and this time he really hooked me up.

Connor Brown

So now not only can I ride, but I get to read about cycling all day!

Connor Brown

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