Weight Training And Errands; That Pretty Much Sums Up My Day

Man… so today was pretty busy. I came home and did my weight training which went really well. I always love seeing my veins pop out like there going to explode, looks like the hulk only its not green but white.Connor Brown

For me, I am really enjoying being able to burn some calories, it helps give some room on my calorie intake that way I don’t have to be so uptight about it.

After that I had to head out for some stuff I needed to get done which meant that we were going to have to deal with five o’clock traffic, which is always a joy to deal with that.

Anyways I am back now and I figured I would give just a quick update before I get my haircut. This weekend should be pretty fun though, I will be helping run the Grandview debate tournament which puts me in charge of policy.

Connor Brown

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