There Is Nothing Better Then Riding My Bike

So today was pretty legit, I got a lot of stuff done school wise, including my essay that I have been writing for the last month!Connor Brown

That was a nice burden lifted off my shoulders. After that I got to get outside in the cool air and ride my bike! It was pretty nice outside other than the fact that it was pretty cold, but at least it wasn’t snowing, right?

I got to put on my cold gear which makes me look like a boss, because I have cool looking gear. The wind wasn’t too bad today as well it was a bit strong from the north which kinda sucked because I spent I long time heading north and little going south.

I have to say that so far I feel pretty awesome form wise. It is looking stellar and I cannot wait to get this race season under way.
For this weekend it might be a bit hard to upload because of the debates that I have to help run.


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