My Weekend Was Crazy!

So this weekend was crazy! It started off with the first night of the Grandview debate tournament, which ran well due to my efficiency in starting the policy rounds. Really I had probably the best job because I only had to work for 15 minutes to get everyone started and then I was good for an hour and a half because thats how long they last. Where as people in the tab room and concessions had to constantly work.Connor Brown

So that was nice and the second day of the tournament I did the same thing, only I had to judge a round and it was terrible, all they did was read cards. For the most part its kind of nice not having to debate and just getting to chill out, there’s less stress to it.

After that was over I finally got out and celebrated my birthday, what was left it. We went out for a meal which I wanted to go for some Sushi and thats what I got. Man I ate the bottom out of that Sushi joint, the guy was working frantically to keep up with me. Haha, I was hungry!

Before the meal I went out and grabbed some new shoes, compliments of my parents. I really just wanted to get some classic looking Adidas, so thats what I got and I really like them.

Anyway, today was the best I woke up and had an awesome breakfast meal. After that I headed out for a two and a half hour ride, which was awesome. I really enjoyed getting to get out on the open road and clear my mind, it was so nice.

Then I came home and did some weight training to finish off my training for the day. I really like weight training because it makes my veins just bloat up and look really cool. After that I got cleaned up and did some laundry then watched football until I got kicked off the television because my parents wanted to watch a SOAP OPERA!

Tomorrow should be pretty cool because my school is finally giving out the laptops, which is running about 4 months behind schedule. Better late than never, right?

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