Grandview High School Finally Delivers

Today is the day that Grandview Senior High School finally decided that they would dish out the much requested and anticipated laptops. Seeing as we had to pay 131 bucks for these, we were fairly eager to obtain them before half of the school year was over.Connor Brown

Better late than never I guess, just glad they came at all.

The laptop is a macbook air and is pretty darn snazzy. The best part is that I will have something to do now in classes like Health, haha. So thats definitely a plus and now I will be able to update my fantasy football team from school and read Velonews all day, awesome!

Yeah they try and block websites but for the most part everything that I want I can access.

After school I got home and I had a weight workout to do. As I said before I just love watching my veins pop out its just so cool looking, definitely pro. Plus it really helps keep the six pack in check!

After that I played around with the new computer, did basic things like get my background customized and etc.20131111_163800

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