Im Going Back To Cali, To Cali, To Cali…

Man today was interesting, I got out of school and rushed to get on the bike. I then left and came right back to put on more winter gear, it was freezing outside. I felt like I was freezing my butt off the entire time.

I really don’t like the cold, if I could I would live in California were an absolute cold day is like 45 degrees out, to me thats as cold as it needs to get. Plus no snow, snow is terrible, because it gets all of your close wet and dirties your shoes, and makes you ride on the rollers. Not fun, so I think I will be hitting the west coast as soon as I can.

After my ride I had to get ready for my induction into the National Honor Society.


The ceremony was pretty funny; we had to light candles and they weren’t very sturdy and one fell over and everyone panicked. It was pretty cool to get inducted, plus I can say that I am apart of the NHS for life.

Thats pretty much it for today, I’m out of here.

Connor Brown

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