Wrapping up the Debate Life for Awhile

Man mother nature finally got her act together today.Connor Brown

It was a solid 56 degrees outside for my ride, which is awesome compared to the last one that I did which was 31 degrees. I hate being cold, the only time I like to be cold is when I am sleeping because no one likes to sweat up a storm while sleeping.

These past few days have just been brutally cold, especially for my rides, just ridiculous. However, today was very pleasant, the wind was coming out of the south, my preferred direction because that typically means I get a tail wind coming home. I like to hit the wind head on when I am fresh then sail home when I am tired.

Anyways, I have debate this weekend, it will probably be the last time for a while just because its ridiculously tiring and I need to focus on my bike now. As always with the debates it will be very hard for me to blog, I will try if I can.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Debate Life for Awhile

  1. I picked up some Bar Mitts from Bike America and I gotta say they rock! Used them on that 31˚ day with a pair of summer weight gloves and my hands actually got hot. But they might instill weakness…

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