New Beginnings! My Team For 2014.

So its finally here, I have finally made it official, I know what team I will be racing with for this upcoming 2014 racing season. I had some very good offers and just when I thought I had made a final decision out of know where I was blind sided with the perfect opportunity.

It had been a hard decision and I really looked at all the pros and cons and compared them with every team. I had to turn down some very good teams, but I am very pleased to know that I will be racing with Team Winded for the 2014 racing season!!!


I really think this team is going to be perfect for my goals and aspirations this season and I particularly enjoy what they stand for.

Team Winded is sponsored by The Winded Foundation which is all about helping people with asthma compete in sports. Interestingly enough you would probably never know this buy I had very bad asthma when I was born and until I was about three and I had to take all sorts of special breathing treatments via a machine called a Nebulizer, but thank God I was finally healed from it.

I might also add that the team is a solid squad with lots of talent.

The new team fits my current goals as I wind down my time as a “Junior” while I work towards even bigger ones.  Most of my racing this season is scheduled around big stage races such as The Gila, San Dimas, Valley of the Suns, Joe Martin, to name a few next year. How can you not be stoked about that racing schedule?

I would like to thank all of the people who have helped bring me to this point and can’t wait to get my last Junior year in the books.

Connor Brown


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