“Cold” Would Be A Word To Describe Today

I am just going to do a quick update today because its late and I am simply tired.Connor Brown

Basically, I had a two hour ride today with twelve single leg thirty revolution intervals. I really enjoy these because it really helps my form but I must look very stupid with one leg curled up next to my butt and only pedaling with one leg.

It’s all about looking pro though and nothing screams pro like an acrobatic one legged pedal stroke.

Seriously, can you just imagine what the guy is thinking as he drives up along side of me, already probably thinking to himself, whats the goofball in the spandex doing now and then sees me doing my drill? haha.

When I had left to do the ride it was about 61 degrees outside.

So I threw on an under armour and left, but half way into my ride I was frozen, the wind was ice cold, but I just kept telling myself that I just needed to warm up, however that never happened. My fingers were so stiff for that ride and there is nothing worse than trying to shift a bike with numb fingers.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up that part of my day, the important part of course. After that we headed off to Taco Tuesday and met up with our good friend Jonathan for some good food and great conversation.

Connor Brown

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