Its Narcissistic Wednesday At My Crib

So the hump day is finally here and I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive.Connor Brown

I am so tired of school already. I always get to the point where most of my classes are just so easy that I spend more time fighting to stay awake than I do any work. But thats standardized education for you, its all about preparing for the next test then you virtually get rid of that information to make room for the next garbage you have to do.

Anyways, I didn’t have a ride today, but I did have my core work out to do today.

Lifting weights is pretty relaxing and really gets your testosterone going. I think I spend more time flexing and staring at myself in the mirror than I do lifting (haha) I guess I am kind of a narcissist, but who isn’t in cycling, right? If its wrong to like what you see in the mirror then I don’t want to be right (I sure hope those who read this know Im just kidding around?).

Really its simply good to be healthy.

Connor Brown


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