Dag Nab It, It’s Raining Rollers Today

So it rained all day today, which meant for me that I was destined for the rollers today.

I don’t think anyone is a big fan of indoor riding, I used to not mind it but that was before I found out about three hours on the rollers. Yikes that ended my happiness pretty quickly. Its not to bad because I will just watch something on the laptop.

Connor Brown on Rollers

I did get to see the movie “12 Years a Slave” today and that was pretty good. Its crazy that during someones life they could be thrown into hell for twelve years of their life. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like. Having your freedom taken from you and treated like a dog for twelve straight years after you know and have tasted freedom. I would have gone crazy, the sad part is after he got out, SPOILER ALERT, his family had completely moved on and his wife had remarried and his sons had children.

One thing I did learn is that if you are ever in trouble seek Brad Pitt he will always help you out, such a good guy.

After that I got to go over to my Uncles house and have a delicious Italian meal with them and my Grandmother who came into town yesterday for business. I always enjoy getting to spend time with my family.

Well, i guess winter has arrived since its supposed to snow and ice tonight. The only way I will encourage it to snow is if it snows and cancels school tomorrow but melts in time so that I can go out for my Saturday ride. That will work for me.

Until tomorrow…
Connor Brown


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