The Weekend Is Finally Here!

So today I only had weight training, which went well as always.Connor Brown

Tomorrow I have a three hour ride that I will be doing outside and I can’t wait to get out there on the road!

It sounds like it will be rather cold, but who cares as long as the road is dry. Although the first thing on my agenda tomorrow will be to get a good night sleep, which will include sleeping in a bit. I think I deserve it though, because due to the debating and school I haven’t gotten to enjoy my friend that I call the bed for several weeks now.

Anyways, after I got done with weights, I had some really good pizza, it was layered with everything, I could barely lift it up without a mountain of toppings falling over.

Once I was all full on pizza, I watched the new THOR movie, which was pretty cool. Not my favorite of all time but it was pretty legit.

So the night is still pretty young and I plan on enjoying it, with that I bid you adieu.

Connor Brown

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