How Cold Can It Get?

Today was absolutely freezing,Connor Brown

I had to do a two and a half hour ride today so I bundled up pretty good. I had layers of under armour on and I had my booties and winter gloves,, two pairs on at the same time.

Unfortunatly my booties didn’t seem to be working today and by the time I got about halfway into my ride my toes were freezing. They were so cold that I had to take a stop every now and then to give them a chance to warm up.

Its strange because I figured that they would be warmer moving but it was making it ten times worse when I was moving my legs but when I stopped my toes would thaw out.

After my ride I was pretty tired and cold, I decided that I would take a good warm shower, which was pretty nice. Once that was done I had some dinner, which consisted of dirty rice. I really enjoy that dish because it has ground beef and rice, with vegetables, all of these things I really enjoy so its like a mack daddy dish for my taste buds.

Other than that, it was a pretty subdued day. I hear tomorrow is supposed to be even colder, so I guess Ill add a few more layers and start dreaming of warmer days ahead.

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