Thanksgiving Holiday Wrap Up!

So this week was awesome! The ride with Brian was so cool. He took me on one of the coolest routes I have been on in a while. Plus getting to ride with him is always such a huge honor and just freagen cool.

He was so funny and just a great riding partner, I definitely can’t wait to do it again.Connor Brown

After the ride I came back and we all got ready for the Thanksgiving festivities. It was a huge feast filled with football and laughs, such a great time. Exactly what Thanksgiving should be about.

The next day would be a different story, since it was all work. I helped my Grandmother and Grandpa out with bringing up all of the Christmas decorations, and then took care of the huge amount of leaves they had. After it was all done they paid me handsomely.

Once that was all taken care of I went and baby-sat my little cousins, so my Aunt and Uncle could go to a school reunion with my parents.

One thing I learned in all of that was how easy baby sitting is, I could get used to this, I watched the kids for about two hours then put them to bed and watched T.V. while I just hung out for the rest of the time.

Then you know what…? they came back and paid me very well as well!

So all in all a pretty good Thanksgiving break!

Today I came back home and just got my ride in before dark, which it was absolutely beautiful outside! I love it when it warms up.

With a little luck the weather will be similar and I can get some good miles in.

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