Thanksgiving Ends With Giving Thanks For Being One Day Closer to Summer

So this marks the end of my Thanksgiving break, sad that it had to end but anything to get me closer to summer time. I did have some excellent riding weather this weekend, which was awesome.Connor Brown

Today was really nice, it was not too windy and it was a nice 55 degrees outside for my ride. I really need to move some place with nice weather all the time, if that place exists?

While I was riding I ran into John and Kent, so I talked to them and road with Kent for a bit, which was cool.

On a completely different note: How about Mizzou heading to the SEC championship game? Pretty darn baller for being their second season in the SEC and getting pretty beat up the first season, I think they only had like two wins in the SEC and now they are 11-1 and heading on to 12-1. Lets go Tigers!

After my ride today I watched the Broncos destroy what was left of the so called “Chiefs Kingdom.”

To be honest that has to be the dumbest title in the NFL. They act like they have some kind of dynasty that they have built for the past fifty years when they haven’t won a playoff game since 1994! Thats some kingdom. I am just tired of all of these Chiefs fans who finally come out of the closet acting like they have been good for a while when they can only beat mediocre teams and the only tough teams they face they lose.


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