Please Don’t Snow!

So this is the last day of nice weather for a bit. Honestly I hope it never snows. Seriously other than winter sports games I see no point in enjoying the snow.Connor Brown

First off it gets your shoes all wet and nasty, plus it ruins your pants, then you have to wear ridiculously large coats that are annoying to get into cars with, it also destroys all nature outside, leaving it to be a desolate wasteland of rotting brown wood, and it causes more traffic deaths do to having to travel on icy roads.

There is just no benefit to snow in my opinion other than the fact that you could play out in it, but you can’t play cycling, so that doesn’t really count for anything.

Nice thing is that I did get to ride outside today and it felt really good. I might have even broken a bit of a sweet. But it was one of those sweats were its like, wow you have been cold for a while this might actually be warm kinda sweat. If that makes sense to anyone?

While I was riding someone ran into me while I was doing my one foot out pedal strokes, I use that to practice form, and asked me if I was ok. I guess I look bit crazy doing one foot out pedal strokes, he looked very concerned.

Anyways, I didn’t have too much on my plate other than my next outside book essay that I need to start writing. I am kinda getting tired of whipping out essay’s every two weeks, it just gets a bit annoying.

Thats about it for today, as for tomorrow, well…I guess I might be headed for the rollers?

Connor Brown

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