It Was Kind Of A Sports Apocalypse Today

Man today was the definition of cold outside.

Connor Brown

I woke up and looked at my my phone to check the weather and it said seven degrees outside with a wind chill of like negative ten. I instantly knew I was on the rollers for three hours today.

I figured out a way to deal with the long ride on the rollers and thats by splitting it up. I did two hours in the first part went and ate lunch, kind of like stopping by a coffee shop for 15 minutes to hang out and grab a biscuit and then I got right back on my bike to finish my ride for the last hour. So I felt as though I only had to do two hours and then an hour long ride, plus having the laptop is a must. I watched the Hurt Locker and then a bunch of youtube videos to keep me occupied.

Once I finished up I watched the Mizzou game which saddened me because they got trampled by Auburn’s run game which was just unstoppable. It was definitely a back in fourth game though because Mizzou couldn’t stop the run and Auburn couldn’t stop the pass. Sadly Mizzou lost but they will definitely be in the hunt next year.

After that I went and watched the Blues game at my Uncles, which was bad because they were getting hammered by the Ducks 4-0 by the time we through in the towel. So I couldn’t watch that beat down because it saddened me.

However the night is still pretty young and I pan to enjoy myself before heading to bed. Tomorrow I have another 3 hour ride, so Im hoping that with the snow in the forecast, perhaps the temp will climb before it arrives and I can hit the road for a while.

Connor Brown

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