Six Hours On The Rollers Gives You Crazy Ideas

So today sucked, it just had to snow outside and to make matters worse it means I was basically doing another three hours on the trainer today.

Luckily my friend “Saving Private Ryan” kept me company for most all of the ride. That movie is so legit and its from 2001, you would think we could produce an actual war movie with the technology we have now but instead we create alien syfy crude like Ender’s Game. Which I saw this weekend and it was pretty boring. Im just saying we should have ten times better movies now. Although I will say that I saw an awesome Navy Seal movie coming out that should be legit, its got Mark Wahlberg in it but I can’t remember the name. Connor Brown

Anyways, that took up most of my day and then when I finally finished that up I had to study for my Chem test and do other homework. I still don’t understand what the point of homework is other than to torture students lives. I get that its an example of a dead line but I don’t think it really matters when half the students don’t turn it in themselves and you can set deadlines within school work. For example I get a page with 20 questions on it and its due at the end of the hour, theres a deadline right there. So there is no point.

Tomorrow I do not have to ride which means I get a break from the rollers, much appreciated because after six brutal hours on them last night I am now considering buying a cross bike.

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