I’m All Spun Out

So I got caught up yesterday with School, workout, National Honor Society and then ACT boot camp. I think its safe to say that I was a tad bit busy yesterday, which is why I didn’t update the blog. Luckily today I had some time to get an update in.Connor Brown

Anyways, today was awesome, the temperature feels like its getting warmer and today I had a two hour ride with spinning sprints. For those of you that don’t know its a sprint that you do downhill in a little gear so you spin your legs crazy fast.

I love doing these because each time I do a session I can spin a bit faster the next time. I wish I could have seen my cadence today because I was spinning incredible fast I would not be surprised if I hit over two hundred RPM’s on a few of them.

The best part is that I feel like Mark Cavendish when I do these because I am trying to mimic his sprinting form, because he is the best, and he gets down really low and aero and puts himself in an epic sprinting position. You can definitely better your performance by adopting a pros technique especially if that pro is lights out Mark Cavendish.

So that was definitely cool, tomorrow I have core and I plan on working it out pretty good, I am having such an awesome start to my season I just can’t wait to start racing.

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