We’re Off To A Rough Start This Winter

So after having to go to school and sitting around hearing about all the other local schools in the area shutting down early except for ours, I have to admit I was pretty annoyed. Plus I got sixty five long answer questions in my Chem 2 class, as if the past 20 packets of problems were not enough. I am very happy that we only need three credits of science classes because I am getting really tired of chemistry at this point.Connor Brown

After I got home I got my core workout in and I felt really good. Unfortunately tomorrow I might be on the rollers for 3+ hours again, which I am definitely not in the happiest of moods about, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Once I finished up I had some rockin chili and then played some FIFA while the weather was nasty outside. I will probably watch a movie tonight I just haven’t made my mind up on what that movie will be.

Its getting late at this point, so I better make up my mind or Ill be up until 2am, which is not in my best interest.

I did hear that there is a slight chance the snow is going to miss us and with a little warmer temp, I might be able to hit the road around 1pm, but Im not holding my breath.

Im outa here!

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