Full Gass Over The Crest And Its Not Even Christmas

So I am going to make this pretty short just because I am super tired and I am ready to hit the hay.Connor Brown

I had a two hour ride today and I have to say I felt incredibly strong. I just felt like everything is back together after the three weeks off and that I am back stronger than ever.

It was funny because every time I would start climbing and see the crest of the hill, I would just amp it up a little and see in my mind the finish of the VOS road race. Man I can not wait to get to AZ for my first race, plus I will get to hang with my new teammates which will be legit.

So I had to do the exercise that helps your form on the bike today.

What that entails is me pedaling with one foot basically.I had a rider come by me who was looking at me like I was just crazy.

I think that is so funny because they probably had been watching me riding with one foot and then switch to the next and were like what is this guy doing? I don’t know why but that just makes me laugh at their reactions.

I am going to leave it there for now, but I think I am going to have a pretty exciting weekend of riding ahead of me, so stay tuned.

Connor Brown

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