While The Guys Were Out Riding I Was Doing Finals

So today turned out to be a pretty easy day of finals I really only had one hard final which was chemistry and I already took it. I guess you can say they rest is a cakewalk compared to that.Connor Brown

Once I finally got out of school, I had a hard day of core training ahead of me. I got it done though and to my surprise fairly quick, I think my core is gotten so strong since this started and I can see how it effects my riding just by my increased stamina from it.

On another note, because of those finals I had to miss out on riding with Bill Marshall, Shadd Smith (by the way, happy birthday to Shadd today) and Joseph Schmalz. They picked an awesome day to head out and get 5 hours in. I was definitely bummed I missed out, but you got to do what you got to do, right?

Anyways I didn’t get to do much since I had to do a take home final for homework today, which kept me pretty occupied for the rest of the night.

Connor Brown

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