I Can’t Believe What I Did This Morning

So today I had a two hour ride and it was absolutely humid, the roads were sweating and everything. I really enjoyed it though because it was fairly warm, I checked the humidity before I left and it was at 90%. Connor Brown

Other than the roads being a bit slick, I noticed that it was a fairly windy day as well. So I made it a point to ride into it as much as possible, so I can get stronger.

While I was doing my two hour ride I had to do a couple of sprints with high cadence and man did I feel good doing those. I am such a stronger rider this year when it comes to sprinting. Last year I would either have a good pop but lack the top end speed or vise versa, this year I got the combo. Plus I seem to have just an absolute ton of stamina for sprinting and climbing. I can not wait for this season to start because I feel ready.

It sounds like we will be getting freezing rain here tonight, which I guess I will be officially jumping on to the snow day bandwagon. I hope I wake up and then find out I can go back to sleep.

Today I woke up pretty early…. five in the morning! I usually set my alarm for five and six, the five is to wake me up so I am half awake and slowly waking up and then six is when I get up. However, today I heard my alarm go off and then jumped out of bed and into the shower.

Now I thought it was strange that no one was up yet, so I sat down and ate breakfast while watching some videos on my computer. I then look up at the oven and see 5:55 and I think to myself, did they leave the oven on. Then I look down at my computer clock and I was so mad.

I woke up a whole hour early then I was supposed to!

Connor Brown

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