Almost Froze

So I was actually able to get my ride done outside today!

I woke up and the roads were fine, ate breakfast and then suited up. Whenever I put my snow gear on and get all decked up, I feel like I am in that movie the Hurt Locker, were they put the bomb suits on. I don’t know why but I just do, but after about the fifteen long minutes it takes to suit up I finally hit the road.Connor Brown

Not before my Dad hooked me up with some awesome homemade bonk breakers, courtesy of the GCN kitchen. Which by the way are delicious. I ate one during my ride and it tasted like heaven, I couldn’t believe it because it looks like its slopped together but tastes great.

Anyways, for the last thirty minutes of my ride I got freezing rained on but it wasn’t too bad, it seemed like the only place that it was actually freezing was on me. I looked down and touched my top tube and it was caked in Ice and then I noticed that my jacket was covered with it, pretty cool.

Hopefully the roads aren’t bad tomorrow, but I it sounds like the rollers will be likely. I am just happy that I got to ride outside today, probably the only one, maybe.

So thats about it, after that it was down time with movies. We will have to see what tomorrow brings?

Connor Brown

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