Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did. I apologize for the break in content, sometimes life grabs you by the nuts and keeps you busy.Northwave-Sneak-Peek-06

I had an interesting ride today. I decided I would go out around 11’ish and man were the roads wet. I was dodging in and out of snow, but hey I had fun doing it.

I actually felt really good today so much so that I decided to keep it in the big ring even going up some of the harder climbs to get more power. One things for sure I am counting down the days until VOS (Valley of the Sun Stage Race).

Speaking of  VOS, I found out today that they changed the TT from aero bikes to Eddy Merckx style for the Juniors. Which is great to hear for me because I know longer need to bring a TT bike, which saves me money in travel expenses and now I can push the savings for other travels not to mention it helps level the playing field.

I also heard some great news today regarding some of the Team Winded sponsors, specifically we have a new sponsor for the team, you probably have heard of them…NorthWave shoes!!!!! This is an Italian brand and you might recognize some of their equipment on top riders such as Orica Greenedge riders or last years Vacansolei cycling.


I have to say that I am super stoked about this and can’t wait to receive these. I have heard nothing but great things about these, so I can’t wait to write my very own review of them.



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