Wednesday Bloody Wednesday

So I had a two hour ride that I wanted to do outside today and it was freezing cold. Its so funny how Midwestern weather patterns are, I almost think that if you looked up the definition of bipolar you would see Missouri’s weather listed as a synonym.Connor Brown

Yesterday it was 45 degrees today low 20s, so cold that during my ride I got a bloody nose and was about 20 minutes out from home. I was so pissed I was riding like mad to get back but I had to do it one handed so I could keep my nose from gushing all over myself. It was great because I wanted to utilize today for recovery but instead I had to turn up the heat in the kitchen towards the end, which pissed me off a bit.

Luckily my baklava took most of the damage and kept my other stuff clean.

As of now it is snowing outside and once again mother nature looks to spoil my riding plans. I think tomorrow I am going to be on the rollers most definitely.

It was definitely an interesting way to start the new year, I hope everyone else’s was better than that.

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