Its Over

So today is officially the last day of Christmas break. I have to say I am very sad to see it end because I enjoyed every second away from school but I guess good things aren’t meant to be sometimes.Connor Brown

Anyways, I had a two hour ride today and I got to enjoy it by riding the rollers, it wasn’t bad though. I think my legs were much stronger today after the recovery yesterday, which made the ride a lot more enjoyable.

I did get a laugh in today, when I showed my Dad how to ride the rollers. It was so funny because he was wobbling and riding off the rollers, just hilarious.

VOS is coming up pretty fast and I am pretty excited to go and race it. They decided to make the TT Eddy Merckx style, which basically means no TT equipment. I think it will be cool to have a pretty even playing field, especially since the TT is so important to where you will finish in the overall GC.

I am going to hit the hay early tonight, I have to get back up at six in the morning tomorrow and I haven’t done that in awhile.

Connor Brown

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